Tuesday, 3 September 2019

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Syrup and Sausages with the Sisters~ 2018

The time is come where we can come together and show Victoria and what we are able to do. To bring the community together in the best way we know how, with food. To treat this event like we would one of general meetings. to gather around the table and connect over dinner- the best check in happen with any group with food- why should this be any different? 
Thus Syrup and Sausages with the Sisters was the best event we’ve hosted all year. Partnering with the Vancouver island Persons with AIDS Society, a group that was among the first to welcome us and invite us to their events and make us as a collective of nuns feel welcome. This event was an opportunity to acknowledge them and thank them for all the hard work they do for the community. What they do is hard and soulful work, ministering to those who have been recently diagnosed with HIV, to defuse the stigma of what that means to have and life with HIV. Even for those who do not have the virus but are still fearful of dating and loving one with HIV, they are the resource you need to rid yourself of that fear. Needless to say we were happy to work with them.  

We were SO happy that our sisters from Vancouver made to trip to support us and take part. Sisters; Fancy Pant, Diversity Rein, Bear It-All and Postulant John. We are grateful to you and your support! You were a great help! 

We gathered in a tiny church like hall on Harriet rd and prepared a meal served fresh, silent auctions and a careless cake walk all to raise funds benefiting ourselves and the PWAS. We hope to host another of these in the future. we hope to serve more of the community too- to work in partnership with other local charities and events that show cases Victoria’s talented artists. Which is what we told OutLook TV. Standing by that, we hope to create other connections that benefit our direct community, put money back where it deserves to be and funding programs and resources for Victoria’s people. Perhaps resources that benefit Vancouver Island in the not too distant future.  

Thursday, 13 December 2018

World AIDS Day- 2018

2 Dec 2018~ World AIDS day is always a humbling day where we nun revisit our own history and the role of the nuns of the past in the fight on AIDS/HIV. The fight isn’t over but the science has performed leaps and bounds advancing our knowledge on the virus and further our understanding of it and other STIs. This year we were invited to the event held at the Royal BC Museum, we were met with a beautiful set up and local history of the people of Victoria. AIDS Vancouver Island proudly displayed a number of propaganda and educational pamphlets to showcase the advancements of science and other documents to help resist stigma surrounding those effected by the virus. Our favorite was a detailed picture book call “The Guide To Safe Sex” Amazing!

It was the day that two of our nun made their debut, Sister Lolth and Brother Cecilia. The first showing as member and there were surprised to be greeted by such warmth and acceptance by the presenters and member of AVI. After the elder gave her welcome address we witnessed a video focused on the indigenous perspective and stories of their life and experience. Later we were invited to dance to a drumming song, I say invited but when really it was “Get up and join us, whilst being dragged to our feet” I want to say we danced well, but we all know the truth, we had fun and that what mattered.
We joined the gathering at the Legislature where a red ribbon of candles were lit giving a moment of silence for those who are no longer with us and after giving a short prayer for the Persons Living with AIDS/HIV Society before a screening of “Day With(out) Art, Alternate Endings, Activists Rising”
It was quite the day, and so satisfying- soul nourishing.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Sexuality Salon ~ Rejection and Jealousy

Tanille Geib ~ Lover of Humans
19 November 2018 - It’s always a proud day when a sister is invited to an event, let along be invited to speak during an event. This was one of those times for Vera, as she was asked to be a panelist during a discussion forum focused on Rejection and Jealousy. Vera joined a panel of other young people, Musician Sarah Osborne and Tia Lalarkin; they brought their tools sets and experiences which helped them deal and better understand the emotions we feel when dealing with rejection. Offering perspectives and experiences especially when dealing with monogamy versus polyamory dynamics and the challenges faced and overcome when dealing situations in those arena. Hosted by Victoria’s Lover of Humans, Tanille Geib, she asked pointed questions to shed light on the topic put forward and engage the audience ensuring their questions got answered also. Later in the night Sarah Osborne performed a few playful songs getting those in attendance in the groove. It was very enjoyable for all and many thanks to our loverly host Tanille Geib and we look forward to the next event.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Vancouver Pride and Shine 2018

Aug 2018 ~It isn't often when we nuns can venture off our island, but when we do we make it count. Vancouver Pride, it says it all. A far grander festival than we have experienced before, this was a first for both Queefa and Vera. Boarding the ferry we crossed the Salish sea where we stumbled on our first event, it was so fast we didn’t have time to don a face. Queefa went mish- face (Sister Missionary Position, is one of the oldest of our order and they don’t wear face, but that doesn’t stop her from doing the “lord’s work”) but Vera didn’t have the spoons that night- it was a long day. It was there that we met the bulk of the Vancouver order. It was certainly a sight. Horns everywhere one could look, it was wonderful.
The next day was a simpler day of Pancake and a pilgrimage to the temple (Studio FX) it’s like church for every Drag Queens, Kings and Things here in Vancouver. All in preparation for the next day, the parade. Three hours in the blistering sun, faced with an overwhelming crowds lining the streets. By the end we were all done, tired feet and throats sore form primal screaming to rev up the crowd.

Before long we were back on the ferry home, it was over way too fast. It wasn’t long that were on our way back, Vera and Queefa, learning from our mistake from the time before, we donned our faces on the ferry. There we were, sitting in the cafeteria with makeup scattered over the table and we finished our facial masterpieces in the car.

All for SHINE18, hosted and produced by dear friend Dean Thullner. A gala event showcasing art and fashion. All for mental health awareness and we nun were there to enjoy the show and sell raffle tickets. Sell tickets we did- over 1300 dollars’ worth. It was amazing. The patron dressed to the nines, and SO SHINY! By the end we were so happy to make the trip to participate and hope to do it again next year!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Victoria Pride~2018

Jul 2018, ~ Victoria Pride was upon us yet again and with it a flurry of events and traditions that continue to this day and our nun’s intent was to attend as many as we could. With every traditional Pride season begins with Drag-Ball. Watching seasoned queens face the kings in a sport where the rules are---- baseball like….? For the most part rules are imaginary or taken very literally. Who has ever seen the rival team steal and relocate the home plate to the outfield , or the runner, who is running in heels  and very well if I do say so myself ; stealing a base and running with it? We have and it was hilarious! It is always great seeing the lawns littered with human kind – queer flags and banners of all sorts waving. It was quite the sight! Community coming together and showing up for itself, its very heart warming.

Being Canada Day another Victorian tradition is the Gorge Street and we were not wasting a look, so we attended it too! This street festival is known for its classic cars using the water front as its back drop, Queefa was awestruck. The muggles were just as awestruck seeing our colorful trio wandering the streets, adoring the cars, salivating at the sights and smells of mini donuts- which none of us considered bringing cash and were tempted to take a small collection to save three nuns from starvation! Needless to say we’ll know for next time--Bring Cash so the food can be had, believe me, it’s well worth it! There was many sights to behold, quite a number of community yards sale which we helped ourselves to, a nun without their adornments or a bright colourful habits is hardly a nun at all.  

Our Favorite part, was creating a tradition of our own. Breakfast the morning of the parade, the nun gather and feast before marching. We were glad to have fellow sisters from Vancouver and Seattle join us to make this event truly something to behold. Joined by our friend Simon documenting the experience as it was his first Pride parade himself.  Our biggest Joy to share this moment with so many of our fellow sisters.

The parade concluded and we set up shop in our booth, the first we ever had.
Wanders came and asked questions and left donations, only a few dollars but we weren’t asking for much. Just time when we gave and ministered to those passing by and some who needed their lashed mixed. Vera was humbled to read stories to the children. By the end we felt overcome with satisfaction of doing what we do.