Friday, 16 June 2017


Our Community is always in need of loving support. On the outside all seems wells but to anyone with eyes knows better. We have segregated ourselves, to the point where we do not know how to treat one another. We disrespect each other, instead of helping lift each other up we find creative ways of keeping each other down. Differences are objects of ridicule instead of celebrated. Stigma continues to thrive as we further push away those who need us the most. Letting fear control how we choose to live, and push away those who would support us?

“How do we change that?”

This is the question I pose. Strike that, “How do You change that?” If it were in your hands to make a difference, and your actions could change fate the world. How would you do it? Think about it. If you could make the world a better place, without racism or stigma. Where people treated each other with mutual respect and without bias. There’s no one else that can do it but you.
I can hear the answers now. I’d kill ALL the Stupid people lacking commons sense… That said I re state the question if you could change the fate of the world… without using violence. How would you do it?

I ask because it is within your power to do. You can make the world a better place in the way you treat people. How you treat yourself, your friends and family, how you treat your neighbour and those in your community.  Choosing to acknowledge the homeless and aiding them if in your power to do so.

Treating people with the respect that human being deserve. The roles could reverse at any time, and you be the one sitting on the curb having lost everything. Wouldn’t you want to be treated with respect? Wouldn’t you want to be seen as a human being? We’re all the same, some of us might have more or less but it doesn’t change that we are all human beings. Just because one might be rich, doesn’t automatically make one wealthy. Having more doesn’t mean anything. How one chooses to live could greatly affect ones quality of life. 

In this day in age it has become habit to be selfish and indifferent toward our fellow man. I would admit that I have committed such act of indifference. Treating people irrelevant to my personal existence, those who neither improve nor lessen my existence that there is no point for me to engage you. There is no one more important than myself and acknowledging you is simply a waste of my time. That sounds all too familiar.

Imagine the effect, should you open yourself up enough to care about the people around you. 

That’s how you could change the world. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Let's Talk

What I’m about to say might rub people the wrong way. The line alone might encourage you the reader to read on, but if you find yourself being an overly sensitive person, triggered by words that express an opinions different than your own, I would suggest to those readers to move on because these words that are about to follow might damage your delicate sensibilities. Why am I giving such a statement, why post things knowing they might anger and offend? Because it encourages conversation. I enjoy an intelligent discussion, expressing opinions in an open forum and then exchanging ideas. As a nun I don’t take sides but encourage debate. Perhaps we all might learn something. Perhaps I enjoy being devil’s advocate. It’s not a question, it’s a statement. I enjoy being devil’s advocate. (The words that follower to be read out loud, dripping with sarcasm for the desired effect)
We live in a Politically Correct time. Where people insist on living in boxes, when boxes fail to define our individual needs we create new boxes. We are a society of hermit crabs, living in protective shell that protect us from the overly judgemental fingers that point and laugh for being different. For that we have further isolated ourselves for our community. The real world can be a dangerous place to be different. A place we can’t feel that we can express ourselves for fear of colorful nuns and their wagging fingers. Allowing words to label who we are, and expecting the world to accept these terms and kowtow. And many do, living in a world where you’d expect that everyone understands without first educating people and demeaning people who try. This does not apply to everyone, but we all know a special little snowflake that would rather lash out than agree.
You are only proving your own point, that people will not understand you and how dare them, for that! Living in a world where you are so self-entitled, that only your opinions matter and anyone who says anything else is your enemy. You mustn’t have many allies, and conversations had with toadies who would rather agree, out of fear to disagree. Sounds boring to me. I’d rather debate, hearing an array of opinions. Because I’d at least learn something. Hearing ideas, options and possibilities that I may not have considered before. You have the ability to change my mind, and help me grow as a human being but that is only if you are so open to hear what I have to say. I am not interested in a one sided conversation or be talked at, for any length of time. Having a traditional conversation, where you say something I listen, and I say something along the same topic while you listen. We’d both have an opportunity to grow.
For some, insisting on surrounding themselves with egg shells, and even for some that successfully brave the minefield are met with insults. Even sincere questions, from people who are genuinely interested in getting to know you. People who willingly extend their hand in friendship are slapped away. Offended at the thought, of anyone getting close enough to see who they truly are. How dare they? 
How dare they? I’m so entitled, so important and so incomparable that no one could possibly understand me, I’m such a rarity, my opinions to be taken as gospel and should matter to everyone…. Even I’m not so vain to think that of myself let alone to assume that anyone else values what I have to say. This rant may fall on deaf ears. Why would I expect it to matter? Would it matter to some, probably? Although, maybe it doesn’t matter at all. That is just as much a reality. What I say may not be of value, it may not resonate with anyone. It may simply dismissed which is perfectly okay.
The take away from this is simple. It all in how you decide to treat people. I do not care what call yourself, or what box you put yourself in as long as you treat people with respect. Treat people like you would like to be treated. Do not demand respect, or be respected less. It’s hard to respect someone who acts like an absolute cunt and treats people like trash. I know I don’t. I know I don’t, I know I can guarantee that I am not always seen in the best light. I may not treat everyone equally but I’ll definitely treat you in the way you deserve because this nun is pretty observant and sees how you treat people. Even then, have the balls to ask me why? We’ll have a conversation. Know this, I will not walk on egg shells, I am crass, vulgar and I eat snowflakes. It is perfectly alright to be different and be your own person and express whatever is in you to express. If you choose to be an absolute dick, then you must learn to live with that decision. You cannot expect me to do nothing when you to say I’m wrong and walk away as the victor, no. I will chase you down, invade your personal space and ask why? Convince me. Debate the issue. Consequences for having this lording sense of entitlement is reason enough to make you my next science project.
 I mean to offend, I do so on purpose because it inspires conversation and conversations lead to growth. In the hopes that it makes us better human beings. Saying nothing and agreeing to disagree doesn’t make us better people. It just means we have that more much to learn, in order to continue the conversation. Or mark the occasion as a draw and move on to other topics. Don’t stop asking questions. The reason for asking questions is to find the answers of what truly matters to us and only then can we truly understand ourselves and each other.
~ Sr. Vera Tooche 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Mans'scape '17

A very heart felt thank you to the organizers of the symposium, for allowing me to speak about my visions of Community and Building Community in Victoria. Forums like these are important to promote Men's Wellness and to find the support we all need to function. Not only that but to lead happier and healthier lives.

Thank you for letting us participate

~Sr. Vera Tooche 

Monday, 13 February 2017

We're proud to annouce that the sisters collected $269 in donations for PEERs during the Valentine edition of the Cheesecake Burlesque Review! Learn more about the work done by Peers ( and check out the fabulousness behind the Cheesecakes (!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Passing the Light

I had written this message on New Years Eve on 2016. I didn’t publish it sooner because life got in the ways as it usually does. I was going to Vlog it... I still might...
~ Most of us can safely say that we have lost a great deal during the 2016 travisty. Musicans, Scientists, Philanthropists, Actors and many others who don’t have the same celebrety status that warrent a star on the walk of fame but were still very important people. These are people who have inspired and shaped us into the people we are today. We can all agree that the world will never be the same agian, and we can also safely say that we already miss them and the people who passed on before the 2016 disater.
In the beginning of the two thousand seventeenth year. After we had time  to reflect and process and although many of us continue to greive. While others will never stop feeling the loss, we all have our own ways of grieving. To them I say take your time.
I challenge you to find the positive. They are still with us, still inside us, a part of us and our daily lives. They taught us a greal deal, in thier own way they taught us something very personal and very real. Thier message etched to our very soul.
What did they teach you? How did they inspire you? How did it change you? Do you remember it? I bet you do. Something was said, sung, a movement, a costume. You remember. How could you forget? You couldn’t if you want to, why would you?
Moving forward, take that message and pass it on. It’s your turn. I challenge you. Is it in you to be as instrumental? To pass the immortal message as it was given to them, now given to you. If not in the same way, but in a way that is yours. It is up to you to keep the message alive and pass it on to those who need it. In doing so you are keeping thier memory alive.
No one is asking you to be anyone you’re not. Be your self, your most genuine self and you will inspire as you have been inspired. Even if you don’t see it. Someone sees you. What you do and don’t do matters, to them. The things you say, they remember. To these people, you are important. You won’t even see it... until you do. On that day you do... you’ll see that light shine in thier eyes. ~
~You are important ~
How have you been been inspired? If you are moved to share an experience with us. Share.

Love Always ~ Sr. Vera Tooche
Mother Superior of the Queen City Sisterhood - Order of the Moist Brollie
Victoria B.C. Canada